• What about product warranty?

    All Products will have their standard warranty, and IndeVille will provide 6 months service installation warranty on its services. Only live plants will have no warranty as per standard, market but if the plant dies naturally within 1 month of our installation, we will replace them free of cost.

  • Project Timeline?

    From the day contract signed for the project 2 week for Balcony garden project, 3 week for Terrace garden project & 4 weeks for Landscaping. This is the standard timeline as per project size assumptions, it may vary as per your project scale.

  • Cancellation policy?

    Consultation fee, design fees are non-refundable. Project conformation advance will returned before contract signature after deducting 15% amount of the project value. And it will be non-refundable after the contract is signed.

  • Why you should choose IndeVille?

    Our business model is pay as much you use, you can breakdown our process & utilize any one of our services, we can be just your consultants, or just designers, or can only be a project contractors. Or a complete turnkey project with one stop solution.

    1. International level product accessibility with latest developed products availability for the bests solution for the space design.
    2. Customer centric approach.
    3. Services & product, will be completely value for money.
    4. Experienced, professional, with extremely high ethics team of multidisciplinary.